Madeleine McCann possibly eaten by Portuguese pigs

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Leonor Cipriano, before being beaten by Portuguese police Chief Inspector Amaral who is leading the McCann inquiry Face of Leonor Cipriano, after interrogation of Chief Inspector Amaral Legs of Leonor Cipriano after interrogation by Chief Inspector Amaral
Leonor Cipriano, before and after interrogation by the police in charge of the McCann case
There are no paedophile networks in Portugal, but a precedent case: Joana Cipriano would have been chopped to pieces and given for the pigs to eat.

Five Portuguese police officers, among which Chief Inspector Amaral who is leading the McCann inquiry and Chief Inspector Pereira Cristovao, now columnist for the "Diario de Noticias" and presumed "source close to the police" that divulgates inviolable secrets of the McCann inquiry, where charged in June with torture upon Joana's mother, omission of evidence and falsification of documents, we learn with three months delay.

Joana Cipriano, aged 8, vanished, on September 13, 2004 from a village, a few miles away from where Madeleine McCann has vanished. A few days later, her mother would have had the strange idea of confiding to her lover, while they were at judicial police headquarters, that she had an incestuous relationship with her brother and that they had killed the little girl.

Leonor Cipriano was arrested on November 14, 2004. The police officer leading the McCann case, the one presumed to divulgate the secrets of the inquiry and others, took turn to interrogate her two days and to nights running, leaving her only two hours rest. Her body and face was a mass of bruises by then and she had "admitted" having murdered her daughter. She retracted as soon as she met her lawyer the next day. She would have tried to commit "suicide" by "throwing herself down stairs", according the police.

Joana Cipriano
Little girl who would have been eaten by

The uncle of the child, who has an intelligence level considerably lower than the average, according to his lawyer, had in a video taped "confession", also deprived of his fundamental right to a defence.

This led to sentence Leonor and João Cirpiano to sixteen years of prison for having chopped the child in pieces, and then given her for the pigs to eat, according to the "Gazeta Digital", without explaining why neither the police nor the sniffer dogs ever found her bones in the pigsty, nor protest on the middle-aged methods to obtain "confessions"

Leandro, so sure of impunity he tells the press the woman he made condemned has not done anything
Stepfather, key witness to Leonor condemnation, who now says she has not done anything

Joana's stepfather, whose accusation had been essential to the ondemnation, according to the Resident", has recently told the "Evening Standard":-

"Joana's mother never did anything and she was arrested. I am fearful the same thing will happen to Kate McCann. Whenever I watch the news it reminds me of Joana. It is hard."

The Portuguese "Gazeta Digital" accuses the British Medias, surprised of the charges weighing on the one leading the McCann inquiry, of "destroying the reputation of an experienced CID Chief-Inspector", as if it were completely normal a woman be kept awake and interrogated during 48 hours, or beaten-up by a "stairs" with fists and feet, whereas she is deprived of the right to a defence that is guaranteed by the European constitution.

Leonor Cipriano's reputation would be perfectly respected by this report that assures she has chopped Joana and fed the pigs with her body, while forgetting to add that the key witness whose testimony has sent her to prison is now assuring she never did anything.

It is remarkable to note that the "Diario de Noticias", employs one of the co-accused and publishes without shame information that belongs to the so-called "inviolable" secret of the McCann inquiry. It is the "Diario de Noticias" who, as soon as a serious lead to a network had appeared, which has revealed the sniffer dogs found blood in the apartment of the McCann's, that the police suspected the McCann's of murder, then that they had tapped their telephone. A sensational diversion based on thin wind, which will lead to a new denial of fundamental right: that of the freedom of expression.

Indeed, it happens that Portugal prefers to maintain national laws in violation of European laws, rather that to adapt to democracy. It simply requires to a police officer to declare a person "arguido", without necessity of the least evidence of guilt, to ban victims of the right to talk, thus to defend their honour and even to prove their innocence in public.

Portuguese justice and police, who are used to victims without means and of a condescending press, are now outraged the McCann can afford private detectives to search for what they cannot find... or would it be what they oppose to be discovered?

The head of Portugal's criminal police federation said that Portugal does not have legislation in the area and private detectives who intervene in criminal cases cannot exist, according to "The Telegraph".

In normal democratic countries, it is the law that defines what is legal or illegal, and not the gaps in the law. The state monopoles are banned in Europe, which requires a unilateral application, more especially in police matters, in view to oblige state polices to do their duty, rather than allowing them to smother the facts.

The European Parliament might be interested in these countries that impose Europeans, serial contravention to its laws. Meanwhile, Portugal turns out to appear a country not only a very dangerous to live in, but also very dangerous to go on holidays, more particularly in Algarve, where children vanishes, thirteen by dozen.

- People can there can be maintained in prison on an accusation of having chopped a child to pieces and given her to feed the pigs, when three years later; the main witness assures they haven't done anything;

- Tourists can be accused of murdering their child without evidence, and denied the right of searching for them, as it is the role of a police, which proves to be unable to do so.

- Former senior officers can become "sources close to the police", allowed reveal the secrets of unfinished inquiries and harm the reputation of victims, whereas the victims are threatened of prison if they say a word to the same press.

The question is now raised on the export of Portuguese pigs, as Europeans may not be imposed the risk of consuming pigs fed with children.

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