Death sentence for Marcel Vervloesem

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Marcel Vervloesem et une amie des "violés"
She is one of the teens, who passed their lives at Marcel Vervloesem and makes 40 km to see him at the hospital. He is for us like our grandfather, wrote her brother to the judge. It never touched one of us, he never raped anybody.
Zandvoort file:The man sentenced to death is the secretary of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the NGO that has shown two major networks of children's sexual exploitation, the so-called Temse/Madeira showing 340 victims, and Zandvoort showing 90.081 victims.

Marcel Vervloesem was absent for the hearing, as he needed to be operated in emergency of his third cancer in ten months, a tempo explained by his diabetes that prevents chemotherapy, they said. But it occured he had not been advised, nor treated for that cancer when he was locked in prison for crimes he could not physically execute. He was condemned, "his state of health taken for account", to 4 years solid prison what is, "his state of health taken for account", a death sentence.

The first judges had rejected nine complaints for rape, as one of the plaintiffs had admitted they had been paid 375 euros each to file the complaint. The aimed at showing that a man who rapes children cannot direct the inquiries of an organisation that fights paedophile networks. The second judges recognise the credibility of the testimony assuring the complaints had been paid, but also retained also the credibility rape accusations in one out of nine of these paid complaints.

Tourne visse à la main, Peter Wouters cambriole le Werkgroep Morkhoven
Peter Wouters ressort de chez Marcel Vervloesem avec des dossiers
Peter Wouters who here burglarizes the Werkgroep Morkhoven, is the best of the band. His mother was condemned for a forgery in writing, within the cabal 92, was paid 50.000-FB (1.250 -€), to show him for swindle. Victor has paid us 375 -€ to show Marcel for rape, but he goes too far: he threatens to have my children locked in institution, he said.

The first judges had rejected one of three complaints for rape, filed by teens, as one had written to Marcel Vervloesem daughter that they had acted under the blackmail of her Uncle Victor, for whom they were dealing drugs. The second judges had bounced up their chairs hearing that Doctor Smet, Marinus, Schoenmaeckers and Wildiers attested that the accused was then physically, technically and medically unable to rape anybody. They thus retained that he had raped the three teens, even the one who admitted having lied and though in theory, judges cannot dispute a formal diagnosis of a doctor.

Marcel Vervloesem was asked "to admit" the crimes that he could not physically have committed, for a "reduction of sentence", but even with the care that his health requires, he never could leave prison alive.

"It is great day", said the Uncle Victor, an illiterate actually employed at the Police Counsel. He did not understand that while recognising he had been a go between to pay these complaints, of which eight were rejected, the judges had indirectly condemned him to pay serious damages. He believes his half brother should be interned in psychiatry, obviously unaware that cancer is not a psychosis.

The first judges had considered criminal of Marcel Vervloesem to have possessed the Zandvoort file, time to take it and bring it to justice. The file is empty. Marcel Vervloesem took it by perversity, explained Prosecutor Tac. But the international press had just made a wild portrait of Belgian justice, which was sufficient to weigh on the judges:

Chez Marcel Vervloesem, deux personnes payées pour l'accuser de viol et son beau fils 
On left: the son-in-law of Marcel Vervloesem. Annie, at the center and Peter Wouters on the right, testify to have lied for the money, and ask to stop harassing: Marcel goes to the Court of Cassation

The dossier is too big for Belgium, who is unable to handle it. A French magistrate was identified in the Zandvoort file, said the German press. The file is connected to the Koala file, with two million evidence of crime upon children, according to the Italian police. Belgium has repeated the Dutroux scandal in freezing that file and allowed a Belgian criminal to prostitute his daughter during 4 years, according to the Irish press.

Thank you Germany, Ireland and Italy. Faintness appeared when the judges try "to cover" the cynicism of the Prosecutor TAC, who had taxed this file, therefore the 90.081 victims which are in it, of "burst bubble". He would have made "good conclusions", they said, yet they did not dare to confirm criminality to have brought the file to justice.

The first judges had considered Marcel Vervloesem had intruded in the private lives of the victims. In short: Cecile Bloch’s murder concerned the private life of the eleven year old girl. But bringing proof that a Zandvoort member had murdered her was a crime that could not be judged in Belgium, under the motive of the extraterritoriality of the Internet website that has revealed it. The second judges have freed him of the charges.

Marcel Vervloesem et Jan Boeykens
Jan Boeykens, president of the Werkgroep Morkhoven: I have been fighting 20 years with Marcel Vervloesem and I will carry on fighting to restore his honour, what ever time it takes.

They rejected the testimony of the Dutch police, who attested that Carine Hutsbaut, from the rival organisation ECPAT, had identified an American boy, and not Mrs Dormans Aggenbach' son, who was not born at the time the photograph was taken. She assures to have been swindled of monies paid by several families to define if the network that has abused their children where in the Zandvoort file. These families opposed that she could claim the monies they paid, but their formal complaint had "vanished" from the file.

They have considered Marcel Vervloesem guilty of swindle for having assured her that her son was not a Zandvoort victim. He has been condemned to reimburse her monies paid other families.

They also confirmed him guilty of a public awareness campaign to the danger paedocriminal networks, transformed in "diffusion of pornography", following a complaint of Child Focus, partner of ECPAT. The testimony showing that he had no legal responsibility had also vanished of the file.

Belgian justice is allergic to the Werkgroep Morkhoven publications, at the source of the criticism of the international press last November. Marcel Vervloesem had been condemned to a prohibition to talk to the press, but this violation of the right to the freedom of expression had not been imposed on his NGO. Justice thus uses all means of pressure extend the prohibition.

Indeed, hardly two weeks before this justice parody towards the Werkgroep Morkhoven' secretary, the vice-president of the NGO was condemned to be deprived of control over her private property, what the first judge based on a publication under the legal responsibility of the Werkgroep Morkhoven'.

Blessure un des trous dans le toit que la justice à retenu "du à l'usure", puis empêché de faire reboucher, lorsque le Werkgroep Morkhoven payait les travaux

Photographs of Werkgroep Morkhoven evacuating the water, whose publication is taxed of "the accused act". The wound resulting from the situation of danger and one of the holes in the roof that justice retained resulting "from wear", then prevented from repairing, when Werkgroep Morkhoven paid for the works.

Though seven years of conflict between lawyers and four years of legal procedures, Brussels’s justice had not managed to avoid the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the obligation to evacuate approximately 9.000 litres of rain water from a living room contiguous to its office. It had generated a new service and body of press under the responsibility of the NGO: "lodging policy".

The first judge estimated, with a very original notion of the freedom of expression, that conflicts should be regulated in the courts and not in public, as if the public had to be limited to the one inside the court.

"The accused act (the publication) finally mines radically the defendant's credibility, but also the defence worked out by her council, being unaware of the fact (of Werkgroep Morkhoven), he wrights in his judgement, which he concludes by: "the obstinacy of the defendant makes fear that she is incorrigible on short-term, so that the mandate will be allotted for five years instead of two".

In practice, this means that the chosen administrator was going to be allowed to stop the works ordered and paid by money lent by the Werkgroep Morkhoven to cover the holes in the roof, whereas its vice-president had just been seriously wounded, in the result of the situation. The sentence was confirmed in the appeal, with a maximum cassation motives in a minimum of words 

It is a game for these judges and an obstacle that those who join the fight of judicial dysfunctions are prepared to surpass for the cause. But when after 16 years of prosecutions, all undoubtedly linked together since 1992, theses judges deny the facts and count on a man's state of health, to deprive him of the European judgment provided by law within 8 years; it exceeds what Europe should tolerate.

Marcel Vervloesem et Jacqueline de Croÿ sortant du palais de justice de Turnhout. Les "pièces à conviction" de viols sont des bambou de jardin, qu'il n'aurait non pas utilisé comme tuteurs pour se plantes, mais pour battre et violer des enfants

Jacqueline de Croÿ: Marcel Vervloesem revealed what was the sexual exploitation children in Europe, which is badly seen, since Belgium has a central role in it. But nothing will stop us disseminating information: My ancestors are among the most calumniated in Euroepan history (among which Dracula) and there is no calumny which impresses me.

The next step is to obtain the Werkgroep Morkhoven right of answer, widely defamed, as usual, some going up to the indecency of pretending that the Temse/Madiera and Zandvoort files were empty! And in parallel, right of answer of the condemned, of which the entire press has explained the absence by a cardiac operation, what has amused his doctors, as they didn’t open his belly to remove his heart. Not one newspaper said that Marcel Vervloesem expected before the judgment, he would have to request the "Cour de Cassation" to judge of defect and/or contradiction of motives; defect of response to conclusions and defect legal basis; violation of the law by false application; by refusal of application or by false interpretation and denaturising of clear and precise writings.

As it is the first condemnation of the vice-president and the secretary of Werkgroep Morkhoven, we are unaware of what is worth the Belgian Supreme court of appeal. But a new decree of this Court causes, for example, if a man in final stage dies of a haert attack at the time of an arrest carried out "in consideration of his health", his family must prove that he could not have died in normal circumstances, before a fault can be recognised. Nothing thus guaranteed that there will not be a new "Zandvoort decree", which makes it possible to condemn somebody on basis of an incomplete file and with the contempt of his presumption of innocence

The Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti and Werkgroep Morkhoven have agreed to pay all the procedures to restore, even post mortem, Marcel Vervloesem’ honour, by the means of the European Court of the Humans Rights, if need.

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