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Brussels, 8.2.2009

The Working Group Morkhoven, best known through the revelation of the pornographic case Zandvoort and the prosecution of her spokesman Marcel Vervloesem (who even was imposed by the Belgian court with a ban to speak the press), organized a symbolic petition to support the 150 secret agents of the Belgian State Security that for years were no longer be paid.
Morkhoven apologizes for the extra work that the Belgian State Security had during the past 20 years to silence the action group and her spokesman.
Furthermore, the Working Group calls for more meaningful work for members of the State so they are not obliged to beat constantly overtime.

Help the Belgian State Security!


About 150 secret agents of the State got their overtime from 2001, 2002 and 2003 have still not paid.
The newspapers De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad wrote on Wednesday that, one of the unions in the State, is tired and summon Minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck (CD & V - Flemish Christen Democratics). Some agents would increase to 1,250 the number of overtime. "We realize that those days are not just included. That would be a complete disruption of the State concerned. But exactly why the State has itself suggested that recovery days to pay ", said Anne-Marie Vansichen of
Justice was expressed surprise at the summons.
On February 26 De Clerck comes again together with the unions. (DWM)

Source: Belga
January 7, 2009




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