STOP the paedo tom-tom on the McCann's

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    Should the "Find Madeleine Foundation" be in a difficult to position to support the cost of Gerry and Kate McCann defence regarding an alleged participation in their daughter's disappearance, it should certainly consider asking the Portuguese police to answer of the repetitive breach of the investigation secrecy and to all the journalists and the press organs for any denial of their presumption of innocence.

   The McCann are paying the price for having the means to fight paedophile networks: €1.5 million. Defamation and false accusations have always been used to destroy the reputation of people liable to endanger these networks. It is called the paedo tom-tom.

   Journalists have no excuse to deny people's fundamental right to the presumption of innocence, and participate to hate campaigns or give priority to report idiotic theories in diametric opposition to official police statements and musy answer of their conduct according to the international laws ruling the press.

   A journalist said that "bodily fluids" with 88 per cent DNA match to Madeleine's was found in the boot of a car rented by her parents. The police officially stated that it was impossible to define if it belongs to a boy or a girl. That journalist is thus presumed to have defamed the parents and liable to answer for his conduct. Those who repeated the defamation without completing it with the police statement are also liable to answer of their conduct.


    Shame on the Portuguese police

   Shame will remain on Portuguese police until they find and sentence the ones responsible for the breach of the investigation secrecy. Now that the parents are legally banned to talk of the investigation in public, nothing justifies that just as the police had seized Kate McCann's diary, the journalists where shown photocopies of it and allowed to publish parts, with wrong translation, so as to raise further suspicion on her.

   The journalists made believe in a diagnosis of hysteria, showing a mother "exhausted by difficult children". In British English, when children are said hysterical about something, it usually gives the picture of children who cannot stop laughing. The next step should be to assure Madeleine died of an overdose of baby aspirin, because her mother was tired of her laughing.

   The slightest thing is interpreted to prove guilt. The parents haven't locked the bedroom door. They should have don so, as to prevent their children to rush out and call them in case one was unwell, or as to make sure they scream and shout until they are unlocked, as any normal child would do.

Kate had rushed out screaming: "They took her":    

-         She should have thought twice rather than panicking, as she is now accused of having left the twins to be abducted in their turn, rather than giving the alert as early as possible.

-         She should have chosen her works and screamed "someone took her", so as to prevent she might be accused of having "known her daughter had been abducted by several criminals". 

 "If they are not guilty of murder, they are guilty of neglect", some say, as if offering fabulous holidays in Portugal to three children would be an obvious sign of neglect. 

    The "Find Madeleine Fund" has the means to stop the harm done to the reputation of the Madeleine charity, what the professionals view as a duty to fight the networks. The paedophile criminals are the only ones who benefits from the paedo tom-tom, a well trained technique enabling to lead the police away from their inquiries. All those efficient in the fight of networks had endured it, as all the victims in a position to change the system.

   In Belgium, the Dutroux case led to so-called debates on "believers" and "non-believers" in networks, turning the crudest reality into the jokes of those who believed in a "big complot". Now, there are the believers and non-believers in the McCann, those who beleive they have either murdered their daughter, or neglected their children. 


   They are not the first ones, and certainly cannot imagine how far it can go:

-         Marcel Vervloesem, who has shown the Zandvoort file with 90.081 victims, has been defamed by the press for eight years before being discharged of nine accusation of having raped former convicts... though one admitted they all had been paid to deffame him.  

-         Marie-France Botte, made baroness for her action against paedophile criminality in , was accused of having shown a former homosexual lover by jealousy, then for "misuse" of her charity funds, by an NGO linked to the Zandvoort file. She tried to kill herself  drinking liquid to unblock canalisation and now lives with a plastic tube to replace her intestine; 


-         Alain Fauvage, who has shown eight murders of children in his direct surrounding, was said to be mad, his own children taken away from him during ten months without justification, and never managed to have an inquiry on the murders; 

-         Regina Louf, a former child prostitute recognized as victim of massive abuse during childhood, was said to be mad and never managed to have any trial at all on the cases she has shown;

-         Rumours used to assure Carine Russo had an affair with a paedophile criminal presumed to have abducted her daughter Melissa, together with her friend Julie and brought them to Marc Dutroux;

-         Tiny Mast, mother of Kim and Ken, was accused of having had a role in the murder of her daughter and the disappearance of her son within the  Zandvoort network;

-         The mother of Nathalie, who was murdered with her half-sister Stacy by a paedo- criminal allowed by the hospital-prison outings to brothels, had her other children taken away, accused of negligence for having gone to a café with them.

- ...


   Massive legal procedures would not only relief the victims of the paedo tom-tom and never had the means to prosecute those who ruined their lives. It would also show the press the importance of a contributing to fight networks by the truth, rather than protecting criminals, either by silence or by lies that sells well.

 Jacqueline de Croÿ



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